Meeting Presentations

Presentations from our Meetings

  • wirelesslondon From the June 29th, 2005 by Jo Walsh Powerpoint
  • Community Access Building Site Survey : 904-916 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY From the March 31st, 2004 Meeting by Charlie Ridgway PDF or PPT File plus presentation notes in PDF
  • WLAN Analysis to Optimize Urban Wi-Fi Networks, AirMagnet? Products, Antennas, Radio Characteristics, Basic Business WLAN Coverage Design, and Common Mistakes (not all the topics were covered at the meeting, but they are in the presentations below) From the January 28th, 2004 Meeting by Jesse Frankel of AirMagnet? PDFor PPT File
  • A Hacker’s Perspective: The Dangers of Rogue Access Points From the October 29th, 2003 Meeting by Jon Baer PDF or PPT File
  • Jonah Brucker-Cohen (creator of Wifi-Hog and PoliceState) From the August 27th, 2003 Meeting. Jonah Brucker-Cohen will be talking about (and hopefully demo-ing) his Wifi-Hog software and talking about PoliceState? Police State Website which uses a fleet of 20 R/C policecars that are controlled by incoming network data.. It uses RF not 802.11 but I’ve actually run it from a laptop sniffing packets on a Wifi network so that would fit in. More of his projects (wired and wireless) Jonah’s Website
  • 4di’s Defcon Wireless Shootout Wins From the August 27th, 2003 Meeting. Brian Walden as part of 4DI’s Website talked about the equipment and technqiues (or lack thereof) to win 2 different categories at the Defcon ’03 Wireless Shootout. PDF or a TechTV segment on the Defcon ’03 Wireless Shootout MPEG Clip. Also part of 4DI is Terry Schmidt and Ben Serebin.
  • Magic Bike From the July 30th, 2003 Meeting by Yury Gitman he discussed his foot powered mobile access point he calls the Magic Bike and don’t forget Yury’s other latest!.
  • Wireless Nodes and the DMCA . What You Need to Know! From the July 30th, 2003 Meeting by Joe Plotkin of Bway.netPDF
  • WiFi vs. 3G – Past, Present, and Future From the July 30th, 2003 Meeting by Anthony Ikemefuna of Cellynk Communications CorporationPDF or PPT File
  • Secure Communications via SSH or SSL at Hotspots From the July 30th, 2003 Meeting by Jon Baer PDF or PPT File
  • 7DS From the June 25th, 2003 Meeting by Prof. Henning Schulzrinne from Columbia University. Prof. Schulzrinne gave a presentation that discussed the 7DS project at Columbia. PPT File
  • VoIP From the Feburary 26th, 2003 Meeting by Jeff Pulver. In addition to VoIP, he discussed Free World DialupPresented PPT File or Enhanced PPT File
  • Getting Started with Free Wireless Networks From the January 29th, 2003 Meeting (and many more) by Jacob Farkas PDF
  • The Status of Wireless LAN (WLAN) in Europe From the October 30th, 2002 Meeting by Joanna Truffaut of Paris SansFil? (Paris Wireless) PDF or PPT File
  • Dustin’s AP Network – Linux Gateway, External Antenas, and more From the September 25th, 2002 Meeting by Dustin Goodwin Slides or PPT File
  • A DHCP Primer From the July 31st, 2002 Meeting by Dario Laverde PDF File
  • Antennas 101 – Basic Antenna Concepts From the May 29th, 2002 Meeting by Ben Serebin PDF File
  • Wireless WAN – ICE Networks (Details of an ISP in Puerto Rico) From the April 24th, 2002 Meeting by Brian Walden PDF File
  • Node Auditing Tutorial From the March 26th, 2002 Meeting by Ben Serebin PDF File or PPT File
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Tutorial From a 2002 Meeting by Jim Thompson Musenki – PDF File
  • IPv6 – why does it matter now? From the November 8th, 2001 Meeting by John Klos PDF File
  • Current WEP Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities From the August 29th, 2001 Meeting by Mark Treacy Slides or PPT file

Presentations we’ve given at other venues

  • World Summit for Free Information Infrastructures From October 1, 2005

Bringing Wi-Fi to Public Spaces in NYC

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