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FCC Rules on 3650mhz band WISPs get “license-lite” solution from the FCC. Feld Analysis Freepress release MuniWireless analysis

Anti-Municpal Broadband Groups Wondering who these “Consumer groups” are opposing municipal broadband networks? Check out the Bell SkunkWorks 101 at the New Networks Institute.

NYCw Gov Tech Policy New York City Council Committee on Technology in Government holds hearing on “The Feasibility of Wiring New Affordable Housing Development For Broadband”. NYCw testifies at hearing. Written Testimony

EXCITING NEWS!!! New York City Council adopts resolution No. 669 “Resolution calling upon all relevant City agencies to use their funding and regulatory power to support and encourage the provision of affordable high-speed Internet service and computer purchases for the benefit of residents of affordable housing.”

Broadcast Spectrum The FCC proposed to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate in un-used broadcast television frequencies. http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-247169A1.pdf. Harold Feld at Media Access Project has authored reply comments on behalf of community networks around the country.

Spectrum Policy Call to Action FCC Spectrum Policy call to action NEW! David Hughes calls for action on pending FCC rulings on unlicensed Spectrum. NYCw invitation for everyone to particapate in FCC process for allocating new spectrum for unlicensed spectrum. NEW! Great new spectrum reform site wirelessunleashed

Upcoming events… August 20-22 Community Wireless Summit From August 20-22, 2004, the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless NetworkFree Press, and Prairienet Community Network will host the 2004 National Summit for Community Wireless Networks. The Summit, expected to be the largest community wireless networking event to date, will support the work of community wireless networks by facilitating the critical alliance of technologists and policy experts and by encouraging participants to discuss the great variety of challenges and opportunities facing their initiatives.

NYCW urges adoption of FCC Interference Temperature metric Creation of a Interference Temperature metric will allow the FCC to permit unlicensed access on secondary basis in many new bands. The Intereference Tempature will allow more efficient use of spectrum and build on the success of unlicensed usage in other bands.

NYCW participates in FCC commissioner meeting organized by the Media Access Project On March 18, 2003 NYCw took part in day of meetings with FCC commissioners and a number of interested parties that support opening additional spectrum for unlicensed use. During the meeting NYCW board member Dustin Goodwin urged the commissioners to adopt new rules that would open the ITFS and MMDS bands to unlicensed use.

NYCW encourages individuals and business to file FCC comments on behalf of open spectrum proceedings NYCwireless took their first major policy action by signing onto FCC comments that support making more spectrum available for unlicensed use. This is a fantastic first step, but now individuals within the NYCw community need to take action individually on this important piece of FCC regulation. If the coalition of private interests lined up on the other side of this issue get their way it will result in huge give away of valuable spectrum to the cellular industry and a historic opportunity to provide additional unlicensed spectrum will be missed. The most effective way for members of the NYCw community to make a difference is to file comments individually on the FCC website. Filing instructions can be found below. It’s is best if your write a paragraph or two about how unlicensed spectrum (the spectrum used by Wifi) has had a positive impact on your life, your business or your community and explain your position on the NPRM. Hopefully you will be filing to support more unlicensed use. If you not sure what to write but want to encourage the FCC to allow more unlicensed use just say that in your owns words and don’t worry about the technical details.

  1. Surf to http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi
  2. Fill in the relevant info and the Docket No. is 03-66 or # of the filing you want to comment on.
  3. Let the FCC know that you feel the best use of the spectrum under consideration is for it to be used for unlicensed application. Good to give story as to positive impact of unlicensed spectrum.

NYCW throws it’s support behind FCC filing in regards opening additional spectrum to unlicensed use NYCwireless is proud to support this effort to provide additional spectrum for unlicensed use. Many thanks to the New America Foundation and the Media Access Project for drafting these comments. Below I have included the press release from New America and a summary of the recommendations contained in the comments. Link to more information

Bringing Wi-Fi to Public Spaces in NYC

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