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Relaunch of OneWebDay Website

We’ve long been supporters of OneWebDay, and were even invited by Susan Crawford, its founder, to talk at the first couple of OWD events a few years ago. If you want to help organize the excellent OWD in NYC, help out at http://my.onewebday.org/group/owdnyc.

Friends of OneWebDay,

Today, we are announcing our new Web site, our new social network for OWD organizers – my.OneWebDay.org, and our 2009 theme: “One Web. For All.”

Check out the first blog post from our new Executive Director, Nathaniel James: http://onewebday.org/2009/06/29/onewebday-2009-the-big-what-if%E2%80%A6/

I hope you can act soon to help us build early momentum! If you plan to support or organize for OneWebDay, there are 2 steps you can take right now. All told, these actions should take about 10-20 minutes.

  1. Be amongst the first members to sign up for my.OneWebDay.org, our new social network and collaboration platform for participating organizations and volunteer organizers. Here are some things you can do immediately:
    • Upload a picture for your profile. Let’s set a precedent for new members. It looks so much more lively and inviting when you can actually see the people in the community.
    • Start a group: If you plan to help out at the local level, start a group for your local team. We already have the OWD NYC group started. Consider naming your local group something short and snappy (SEA OWD for Seattle, DC OWD for Washington, DC, etc). For some, it will make sense to start a group on my.OneWebDay for your organization if you want to recruit your members to a hub to share your organization’s plans for OneWebDay. One exciting feature: local OWD Teams will be mapped. Don’t forget to add a picture for your group, too.
  2. For those who represent organizations: please let us know if we can add you to our list of Participating Organizations. Please let me know specifically how you would like to be listed, and I will pass that information to Nathan. Later on, we will shoot to post logos if you would like your logo to show as your link on that page.

Please let me know if you have any questions. OneWebDay is powered by your ideas, your energy, and your action. Thank you so much for your early involvement and support in OWD09!

Help Make Breakout Festival a Success this Fall (Meetup on July 1 @ New Work City)

Come join us for a meetup to solicit ideas, interest, participants and planners in the upcoming Breakout! Festival on July 1 at 6:45pm at New Work City (200 Varick Street, Suite 507b).

This summer the BREAKOUT! Festival will return creative work to the streets of New York. Using coworking as a model, and injecting lightweight versions of essential office infrastructure into urban public spaces, BREAKOUT! will explore new and productive niches for working outside of traditional office buildings. BREAKOUT! seeks to create a new architecture for the creative city by appropriating public spaces for the collaborative knowledge work that drives the contemporary city.

This meetup gathers together fans, volunteers, and planners interested in helping make outdoor coworking and the BREAKOUT! Festival a success.

The Agenda? Discuss:

  • the upcoming New York Festival (September 18th – October 30th)
  • ideas for facilitating breakout sessions
  • cool things needed for breakouts
  • how to participate in a breakout
  • how to do more

OneWebDay Seniors Rally

Where: Steps of City Hall
When: 11am, Monday, Sept. 22
What: Seniors Rally at City Hall for Digital Inclusion.

Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) is organizing seniors to come to city hall and call on the city to address the digital divide and help seniors have access to the Internet and technology. For inquiries or to get involved, email volunteer@onewebday.org.

NeedyNets un-wires it's 250th apartment

The NYCwireless NeedyNets program is proud to announce the completion of it’s 4th community wireless network in a Community Access affordable housing facility. 20 volunteers headed up to Davidson Avenue in the Bronx to complete the final phase of the project on December 7th. Residents when they move in will be greeted by a state of the art wireless network that provides free Internet access to all apartments, offices and common areas. Cisco was a key sponsor for this install providing 15 volunteers and equipment. Additional thanks to volunteers from Morgan Stanley and the generous support of Dunn Development. Click here and here for more info.


Volunteers Needed: Brooklyn Bridge Park Network Installation on Monday, May 22

We will be installing of the Brooklyn Bridge Park on this Monday, May 22 at 5:30pm. Please email me (dana at nycwireless.net) directly if you are interested in participating. We will be installing the hotspot plus 2 antennas, doing some spectrum analysis, and also checking the coverage of the hotspot in the park.

We need your help to make this project a success, so please try to help out with this installation.