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Maine Becomes First State to Allow Municipalities to Broadband Networks

As reported via MuniWireless, Maine has become the first state to explicitly allow municipalities to create broadband networks. This is a great development for the growth of free choice and locally driven broadband network creation. This is a very progressive stance, and one that is exactly opposite of the restrictive policies of number of other states. Indeed, allowing municipalities to make their own decisions is an important freedom that all local governments should have. Restricting municipal networks serves only the Telecom and Cable companies, and prevents municipal governments from providing important safety, security, and emergency services.

TriCityBroadband Disputes Municipal Network Failures

In response to much of the anti-municipal network reports and statements that are being promoted by Telcos and Research Agencies, TriCityBroadband has created a web page with information that counters the assertions that muni-networks are wasteful.