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Participate in a Community Wireless Networks Study

Cédric Calvignac, a French PhD student, is conducting a study of Community Wireless Networks around the world. If you’d like to participate, please read below.

I’m a French PhD student in sociology. My research focuses on “innovations made by and for users”. I have decided to particularly focus on “Wireless Community Networks” which are illustrative of a new type of approach more autonomous, alternative and civic. For the last two years, I have been interviewing French members of “Wifi Community Networks”; I talked with them about their commitment and about the life of their project. Now, I carry on with my research and I propose you to answer to my questionnaire. This questionnaire will enable me to gather data on a wider population: members of European and North American “Wireless Communities”.

I invite you to follow this link: http://www.sharing-data.com/client/calvignac-c-dric/en/etudereseauwifi.html

Answer the questionnaire should not take you more than a few minutes. Personal informations will be kept anonymous. Survey results will be communicated and freely accessible.

I would be very grateful to you if you could circulate my questionnaire among your contacts (in your own wifi community). Thanks for your answer and for message diffusion.

I am at your disposal for any questions or commentary.

Best regards.

Cédric Calvignac
PhD Student – Sociology
CERTOP – Toulouse University II

P.S.: If possible, can you please indicate at the end of the questionnaire where do you come from (city) and the name of your wifi network.

International Summit for Community Wireless Networks Call for Panels

Sascha Meinrath has posted a call for panels for the 2008 IS4CWN. Be sure to send panel proposals to summit@chambana.net.

CALL FOR PANELS — Due March 31, 2008

International Summit for Community Wireless Networks
May 28-30, 2008, Washington, DC
Send panel proposals and questions to: summit@chambana.net

Since the first National Summit for Community Wireless Networks in 2004, hundreds of community Internet and municipal broadband initiatives have sprung up around the globe. Internet access is increasingly important to all facets of civil society, but many communities are being left out of this communications revolution. “High-speed broadband access is the electricity of the 21st century, yet many rural and poorer urban communities are being left off the grid,” says Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press, a DC-based policy think-tank. “The innovators and organizers at the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks are blazing the trail to make broadband affordable and available to everyone.”

The 2008 summit will be co-hosted by the world’s largest general scientific society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and continue its tradition of featuring wireless leaders, innovators, activists, and community networking visionaries from around the globe.

The Summit focuses on how wireless networks can better serve their target populations, the policies needed to support broader deployment of community wireless systems, and the latest technological and software innovations in the field. “Wireless networking is about far more than Internet connectivity,” states Sascha Meinrath, Summit Director. “It’s about building next-generation multi-media services for communities, fostering social and economic justice, and facilitating a vibrant arts and cultural scene.”

We invite your panel proposals and participation in this year’s International Summit for Community Wireless Networks to discuss and exchange ideas on how to make universal broadband access a reality. More information will be available soon at: www.wirelesssummit.org.


Interested presenters are encouraged to propose innovative panels focusing on the three themes for the Summit: technology, policy, and implementation. The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks distinguishes itself from typical technical and academic conferences by engaging all participants in an ongoing dialog that encourages a strategic approach to community wireless network development and telecommunications policy reform. Panelists will not simply present their own work and opinions — they will also serve as facilitators of a process that records lessons learned and help produce a comprehensive “to-do list” of action items for the coming months and years.

While three days is not long enough to develop a truly comprehensive strategic plan, panels at the Summit represent a significant opportunity for thinkers, developers, and stakeholders to produce substantial recommendations to support the development of community wireless networks. The Summit is, in essence, a gathering of leaders in the field and an opportunity to shape the future of this movement. Past panels can be reviewed at:


Panel ideas will be accepted on a rolling basis and must be received no later than March 31, 2008. Please send panel proposals of 250 words or less to: summit@chambana.net

Travel stipends are available for speakers with financial need.

NeedyNets un-wires it's 250th apartment

The NYCwireless NeedyNets program is proud to announce the completion of it’s 4th community wireless network in a Community Access affordable housing facility. 20 volunteers headed up to Davidson Avenue in the Bronx to complete the final phase of the project on December 7th. Residents when they move in will be greeted by a state of the art wireless network that provides free Internet access to all apartments, offices and common areas. Cisco was a key sponsor for this install providing 15 volunteers and equipment. Additional thanks to volunteers from Morgan Stanley and the generous support of Dunn Development. Click here and here for more info.


NYCwireless Executive Director tops Silicon Alley 100: People's Choice List

Our own Dana Spiegel was just voted the #1 People’s Choice on the Silicon Alley 100 List of the most influential and important people in the New York digital community.

Open wireless Internet access provides crucial support for New York City’s digital community — bloggers, freelancers, artists, geeks, serial entrepreneurs, and everybody else.

Congrats Dana for the recognition of your efforts and successes!

2007 NYC Technology Sector Holiday Social

NYCwireless is joining a bunch of other NYC-based Technology organizations in supporting the 2007 NYC Technology Sector Holiday Social. Keep the evening of Thursday, December 13th, 2007 open for FREE drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Details and RSVP: http://www.orgcom.info/Holiday

Everyone is invited-open source or closed- CTO or junior admin-personal business or Fortune 500. Our mission is to host a well rounded networking and social event, bringing together the
various technology sectors and companies in one professional networking event.

This is our second event, and this year, we have renamed the organizing entity to OrgCom, to emphasize the bridge-building amongst the most influential technical communities, andbetween the forward-looking firms in New York. And we’re working hard to develop OrgCom into an ongoing social community and resource for technology professionals, both in the virtual and real worlds.

With support from key groups, sponsors and interest from the City of New York, this year’s event will be even better — and better still with your help.

Questions? Contact Us

Send Hardware and Wireless Equipment to Help Katrina Emergency Relief

If anyone has wireless equipment or other hardware that they’d like to provide for Katrina relief, please contact Matt Barr below. He is going down to Texas tomorrow with other people to help establish wireless networks for emergency communications support.

From: Matthew Barr
Date: September 7, 2005 9:25:38 PM EDT

Dana- We have 3 people from NY & CT going down tomorrow, as well as sasha’s folks..

We 3 are leaving from LGA, at 1230, to San Antonio- to help set up and get Kelly AFB working tech wise. More than that… we’ll figure out on the ground.


Matthew Barr
Managing Partner
Datalyte Consulting, LLC
Apple Authorized Reseller
(646) 765-6878

Why Mesh-based Wireless Networks Are Ideal for New York

Mesh networks are wireless networks, based on Wi-Fi technology, where each wireless “node” or “access point” connects with a number of other wireless nodes. Information flows from node to node, winding up either at its destination or the internet in general. Internet connections, in a mesh-based network, are provided by one or more nodes that connect to the internet directly (referred to as “backhaul”).

Robust and reliable, mesh wireless systems offer multiple points of connection to the network and no central tower. Mesh users can bypass obstacles like hills and trees by using different signal paths. Mesh networks are easily expandable at very low cost, and they have no single point of failure. Mesh networks also feature shorter distances between nodes, which means each antenna can broadcast at lower power, creating less interference and allowing more users to communicate simultaneously.” (from http://www.freepress.net/wifi/guide2.php)

The benefits of mesh technology are many:

  • self-organized, dynamic routing and connection
  • little or no centralized configuration
  • each node is interchangeable with every other node
  • overlapping wireless coverage areas ensure that no node is a point of failure
  • no wires are necessary, as the network is entirely wireless
  • organic build-out of the entire network is possible
  • multiple separate networks can be built independently and grow into a single cohesive network
  • redundant paths to backhaul
  • easy/seamless addition of additional backhaul

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