Broadband Challenge ISP Responses, the independent ISP, wholeheartedly supports these 4 principles of Network Neutrality. allows its customers to run any application or services they want on their broadband connections, connect servers or other devices — and even to share their bandwidth publicly. Additionally, relies on unfettered access to the public network to provide **innovative services** not offered by the dominant telco or cable providers including symmetric DSL, AnonymousDSL ™ and Naked ADSL.
Joe Plotkin, Director, Marketing


Panix, the oldest commercial Internet provider in New York, is dedicated to providing stable and reliable Internet access, email, netnews and UNIX computing services to the public. We started in 1989, before the advent of the Internet, and we’re still going strong. Panix is a full-service ISP, offering World Wide Web hosting, Internet connectivity of all kinds in the New York metro area (New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland County, and New Jersey), and National Dialup–with dialup access in over 1100 locations in 49 states

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Bringing Wi-Fi to Public Spaces in NYC

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