TriCityBroadband Disputes Municipal Network Failures

In response to much of the anti-municipal network reports and statements that are being promoted by Telcos and Research Agencies, TriCityBroadband has created a web page with information that counters the assertions that muni-networks are wasteful.

Call for Submissions: S19.Afflatus.Project

S19.Afflatus Project is an online gallery dedicated to promoting visual and interactive art in mobile devices, such as cellphones, Pocket PC, Palm and convergence devices. We hope to explore art, design, interactivity, ergonomics, technology and experimentation with mobile devices and the audience.

If you are a artist creating art for mobile deivces, such as cell phones, PDAs, or convergence devices, please feel free to stop by or for more information.

Allied Media Conference, June 17-19, 2005 in Bowling Green, Ohio

The Allied Media Conference is one of the largest gatherings of alternative media in the country and a great chance to make new connections. Everyone from zinesters to podcasters–including community wireless advocates–will be there: June 17-19, 2005, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

NYCwireless will be there, and will be talking about how Community Wireless can help alternative media producers.

Neighbornode and Community Hotspot Project in Wi-Fi Planet

John Geraci, an NYU ITP Student and one of the co-creators of the Community Hotspot Project was recently interviewed by Wi-Fi Planet about his research project NeighborNode, which is one of the pieces of software that is available on Community Hotspots.

Bringing Wi-Fi to Public Spaces in NYC

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