Allied Media Conference, June 17-19, 2005 in Bowling Green, Ohio

The Allied Media Conference is one of the largest gatherings of alternative media in the country and a great chance to make new connections. Everyone from zinesters to podcasters–including community wireless advocates–will be there: June 17-19, 2005, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

NYCwireless will be there, and will be talking about how Community Wireless can help alternative media producers.

Neighbornode and Community Hotspot Project in Wi-Fi Planet

John Geraci, an NYU ITP Student and one of the co-creators of the Community Hotspot Project was recently interviewed by Wi-Fi Planet about his research project NeighborNode, which is one of the pieces of software that is available on Community Hotspots.

NYCwireless en Español

We are translating all of the website material into Spanish to serve the community better. Please contact Anthony Townsend to volunteer to help.

NYCwireless supports the right of municipalities to offer broadband services

NYCwireless supports the right of municipalities to offer broadband services. We have joined with FreePress in support of this position by signing an open letter opposing anti-municipal telecom legilistation.

States across the country are debating whether to restrict or prohibit municipalities from offering broadband services to local communities. At a time when rural and low-income Americans increasingly find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide, state legislatures should not thwart competition in the marketplace from any service provider. Support the right of municipalities to offer broadband services by adding your organization to the list of signatories on the letter below.

Bringing Wi-Fi to Public Spaces in NYC