Newest NYCwireless Wi-Fi Hotspot is a Hotzone Covering All of DUMBO!

We are extremely excited to announce that the newest NYCwireless Wi-Fi Hotspot is actually a full Hotzone covering all of DUMBO, Brooklyn! The great folks at Two Trees and the DUMBO BID made this happen, and with our help, DUMBO now becomes the first free Wi-Fi Hotzone in NYC!

Read about it in the New York Times: Using Internet Outside? In Part of Brooklyn, Free Wireless Access Arrives

We are having a wire-cutting on Thursday at 11:30 at the Manhattan Bridge Archway, and taking the “wraps” off the Wi-Fi network. We’ll post pictures and hopefully some video of the event as soon as we can.

6 thoughts on “Newest NYCwireless Wi-Fi Hotspot is a Hotzone Covering All of DUMBO!”

  1. @openid-47917:disqus Yes, it will. It covers the areas between the bridges from York Street to the water, and all of BBP between the park as well.

  2. This is fabulous news! It’s great to see such a strong push for a completely wireless city, and when that day comes we will be very excited. Hopefully Manhattan will catch up-to-speed with Brooklyn soon!

  3. I am curious about the network speed. What is it up and down?
    Who actually provides the broadband itself? i.e. what feeds the WiFi

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