CBSMobileZone Shut Down?

Our roving Wi-Fi reporter, Klaus Ernst, has checked out the Times Square area again looking for CBSMobileZone hotspots that were online (though barely functional) a few months ago. Here’s his report:

when trying to connect at a CBSMobileZone lately I keep getting redirected to:

no aptilo terms of service page coming up. Also the “” Website is gone. Could be accessed from anywhere not just their hotspots.

Right by CBS on Sixth Av I caught a good one: upper case and lower case. Was always like that. My guess is that the lower case was their tryout and they never corrected it.

The last time I was able to connect to CBSMobileZone was on Nov. 28 (Subway entrance 7th Av and 53 St) I checked the stats from an email I sent from there. The hotspots have definitely something to do with Verizon:

from [] ([])

So is CBSMobileZone history? Have you heard anything?

So, has anyone heard anything about CBSMobileZone? Is it in fact quietly shut down?