NYCwireless @ Mashable Summer of Good Conference (#socialgood)

We were very excited when the team at Mashable asked NYCwireless and to bring free Wi-Fi to their Summer of Social Good Conference at the 92st Y. The event is going on today, and you can read more about it (and watch a Livestream of the speakers) at

Today Mashable is hosting our first ever Social Good Conference, a one-day educational event celebrating the finale of the Summer of Social Good charitable campaign. The event is being held at the prestigious 92nd Street Y in New York City, but you don’t have to be in New York to watch or participate! Below we’ve embedded a live stream of the event so you can view presentations from well known and respected organizations and professionals as well as take part in discussions via chat.

We’ve got some serious bandwidth at the conference (2x ADSL 2+ internet connections) and some serious gear here (Cisco 1130 Lightweight Access Points, Soekris routers, and some new APs from Ubiquiti). If you are at the conference, let us know how the network is working for you. If you’re not, be sure to check out the Livestream.