Help Make Breakout Festival a Success this Fall (Meetup on July 1 @ New Work City)

Come join us for a meetup to solicit ideas, interest, participants and planners in the upcoming Breakout! Festival on July 1 at 6:45pm at New Work City (200 Varick Street, Suite 507b).

This summer the BREAKOUT! Festival will return creative work to the streets of New York. Using coworking as a model, and injecting lightweight versions of essential office infrastructure into urban public spaces, BREAKOUT! will explore new and productive niches for working outside of traditional office buildings. BREAKOUT! seeks to create a new architecture for the creative city by appropriating public spaces for the collaborative knowledge work that drives the contemporary city.

This meetup gathers together fans, volunteers, and planners interested in helping make outdoor coworking and the BREAKOUT! Festival a success.

The Agenda? Discuss:

  • the upcoming New York Festival (September 18th – October 30th)
  • ideas for facilitating breakout sessions
  • cool things needed for breakouts
  • how to participate in a breakout
  • how to do more