August Meeting: Sustainable Wi-Fi for developing world

Wed, August 29th, 2007 at 7:00pm
Please note earlier starting time for meeting.
568 Broadway at Prince St, NE corner
Suite 404
New York, NY 10012
(lobby sign-in required)


Presentation by Michael Hallinan and Tejpaul Bhatia, GlobeCo2020

Company Description
GlobeCo2020? is sharing the internet with the developing world. We are a media services company that delivers digital content into emerging markets. We aim to develop sustainable business models for broadband networks. We are focused on bridging the global digital divide due to poor infrastructure and unsustainable business models in the developing world.

Join us at NYCWireless to help answer how wireless technologies can be used to bridge the global digital divide.

Topics covered

  • Wireless infrastructure in the developing world
  • Content delivery as a business model
  • A “franchise model” for wireless networks
  • Emphasis on brainstorming, questions and feedback

Michael Rourk Hallinan

As a Captain in the Marine Corps, Michael has six years of experience planning, installing, operating and maintaining over 20 wireless and satellite voice, video and data systems in Australia, Kenya, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Iraq and Hurricane Katrina ravaged parts of the US.

Michael received the Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal for leading 50 Marines with “inexhaustible energy” during the final combat offensive in Fallujah, Iraq. He also received a Navy Commendation Medal for leading 50 engineers in deploying wireless networks throughout Asia and the Middle East. He is an active member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and founder of Semper Fi House, a community support initiative for Marines.

Prior to the Marine Corps, Michael founded Student Media Group, which distributed student media nationally for companies such as AT&T and Citibank. Michael has also held various positions at Merrill Lynch, the US Senate and the US Department of Justice.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Georgetown University. He is a board member of The Way of Grace Development Corporation, which is developing social and physical infrastructure in the war torn country of Liberia. Michael has worked with the SoCal? FreeNet project, which brings free wireless access to lower-economic neighborhoods in San Diego.

Tejpaul Bhatia

Tejpaul Bhatia is the founder of Tej Media Networks, a consulting company that provides digital technology and strategy services to global media companies including ESPN, NBC, SONY, ABC, Brightcove and Corpus.

Tejpaul was most recently senior manager of international business strategy for ESPN, where he planned and launched new media businesses in Mexico, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe. He joined ESPN in 2002 to build the underlying infrastructure for acquiring, distributing and tracking video on multiple digital platforms and was responsible for conceiving, developing and distributing ESPN360, the company’s customizable global broadband service.