NYC Broadband Advisory Committee Meeting on March 30 in The Bronx

On March 30, the New York City Broadband Advisory Committee will meet in the Bronx for the “first of five public hearings to both educate the public on broadband and learn from the public about their experiences, or lack of, with broadband and Internet technology in New York City.” Over the past couple of years, NYC Council Member Gale A. Brewer, based on the testimony of a number of New Yorkers, including NYCwireless, helped create the Broadband Advisory Committee to try to move New York City to the forefront of broadband accessibility and affordability.

NYCwireless will be there to help represent the interests of free public Wi-Fi, which hasn’t had as extensive distribution as midtown and downtown Manhattan. We’ve heard from a number of people and organizations in the Bronx that there’s a tremendous interest in free public Wi-Fi. We’ve been working with Professor John McMullen and his students at Monroe College to build more free hotspots in local businesses.

If you have any interest in helping New York City get affordable, universal, ubiquitous high-speed internet access, you should join us at this meeting.

The public hearing will be on March 30, from 10am-12pm at the Gould Memorial Library Auditorium, Bronx Community College, University Ave. at W. 181st Street. Council Member Brewer and Borough President Carrion invite all Bronx residents, nonprofit organizations and businesses to testify about the availability and affordability — or lack of — of broadband (that is, a high-speed connection to the Internet) in their neighborhoods.

Some questions that the Committee has are:

  1. Why is a fast affordable Internet connection important to you?
  2. What do you consider an “affordable” fee to pay for an high-speed connection to the Internet?
  3. If you have a broadband connection, what do you use it for (e.g., help your child do his/her homework)?
  4. If don’t have broadband or if you had a faster connection to the Internet, what would you use it for (e.g., market your business on-line or look for a job)?

The hearing in the Bronx will kick-off a series of five public hearings that will be convened in every borough of New York City. Based on these hearings and with the help of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Advisory Committee will report their findings and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.