OneWebDay + Live Wireless Video Chat

On September 22 at 12pm Eastern, as part of OneWebDay, NYCwireless will be hosting a live video conference with community wireless groups around the world. We will be discussing the ways that free, public hotspots have contributed to our own and other local communities. We expect the video conference to last about 30 minutes.

The video conferences will be recorded and contributed to the OneWebDay video archives. We will be live at Castle Clinton in Battery Park, New York City, where there will be many other activities going on as part of the event.

Please join us at Castle Clinton and participate! Bring your mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and other wireless equipment. Feel free to host your own live video conference with friends around the world to participate in this event as part of OneWebDay.

Participating cities include:

New York, New York
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Montreal, Canada
Berlin, Germany

UPDATE: There is a change of location. We will be at Castle Clinton in Battery Park.