New York Times Editorial: Wi-Fi and the Cities

A New York Times editorial on June 6 advocates both free public Wi-Fi in NYC parks as well as universal affordable broadband. The article specifically mentions NYCwireless’ work in these areas, and calls for the Mayor and the rest of the City’s leadership to step up and start addressing some real issues. Far from the usual “scare article” about Wi-Fi, this editorial trumpets the great work that NYCwireless and other interested parties have done, and the benefits we have brought to this great city.

Wi-Fi is not the future. It is now, needed by businesses, educators and especially the underserved populations on the wrong side of the digital divide

some smaller parks have already been hooked up by agreement between independent groups managing those parks and NYC Wireless (sic)

The city needs to get moving to get the larger parks online, but it also has to get serious about wider access. The minimal goal — pressed with energy in the City Council by Gale Brewer of Manhattan — should be free or low-cost access in its densely populated, poor neighborhoods in all the boroughs.

The Gray Lady is spot on correct in addressing issues of affordable broadband, which has long been an important initiative and topic of discussion by NYCwireless.

Your hard work is paying off. People are pointing to our example as the way it should be done.

Good work! Let’s keep it up!