News Stories from about NYC Council Hearing on Parks-based Wi-Fi

Here are some news stories from yesterday’s hearing on the NYC Parks Department and their plans for hotspots.

New York Times: Deadline Set for Wireless Internet in Parks

NYCwireless, a nonprofit group that did the technical work for those projects, has also set up networks at Union Square, Tompkins Square and Stuyvesant Cove Parks, and is building a network at Brooklyn Bridge Park this year.

So far, the city’s own efforts have paled compared with those achievements by private groups.

New York Sun: New York Parks To Offer Free Web Access

For the many New Yorkers seemingly locked to their laptops, the expansion of wireless access cannot come fast enough. But one suggestion at yesterday’s hearing – taking Wi-Fi to the city’s beaches – had even a leading wireless advocate issuing words of caution: “I think it’s a wonderful idea, but you have to be careful about getting sand in your laptop,” the executive director of NYCwireless, Dana Spiegel, said.

Newsday: Wireless Internet access urged for NYC parks

We believe that free Internet is an amenity and should be provided to all New Yorkers just as grass, trees and benches are,” said Dana Spiegel, executive director of NYCwireless, a nonprofit organization that has worked with business groups and park boosters to set up wireless Internet access in several parks and open spaces.

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