Network Neutrality Challenge gaining momentum

NYers looking for a broadband provider that will allow access to content and applications of their choosing now have two providers to choose from. I am very excited to report that the oldest ISP in NYC supports Network Neutrality. Please reward these companies for supporting fair and open access by considering them for your home and business Internet needs.

For a full list of fair and open ISPs: Broadband Challenge Score Card

More about the NYCwireless Network Neutrality Broadband Challenge BroadbandChallenge . Please contact your ISP about supporting Network Neutrality. A great way to speak directly to your ISP in a public setting is to use the forums. I am currently lobbying Speakeasy my DSL provider to support our challenge. If you are also using Speakeasy and would like to have them publicly support Network Neutrality add your voice to my thread on the SE forum.