December Meeting: Wed. Dec 28th at 7:15PM

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 at 7:15pm
568 Broadway at Prince St, NE corner
Suite 404
New York, NY 10012
(Please note: Everybody will need to sign-in in the lobby.)


  1. Steve Morton/Boundless Security Systems: Can City-Scale WiFi Reduce Crime?
  2. What are the obstacles and opportunities for city-scale wireless video surveillance, especially in crime-plagued neighborhoods?
    A fascinating discussion about’s new wifi surveillance system that greatly enhances image clarity, network capacity and mobility. This could be a tremendously effective tool for law enforcement that could help reduce crime. How can privacy concerns be balanced? Steve will also cover system design, and possible deployment schemes — followed by an extended Q&A session.

  3. Year-end roundup and NYCwireless-2006 resolutions
  4. Workshop breakout sessions: small group discussions from novice to advanced questions

More about Steven G. Morton

Steve is CEO and CTO of Boundless Security Systems, Inc. in Newtown, CT.

He is the architect of an ultra low bandwidth, digital video surveillance system. It has been shown to multiply the number of wireless video surveillance channels 100-fold, and to enable video surveillance to easily be moved to wherever the most crime is this week. As a result, increasingly popular, city-scale WiFi? networks can be used for video surveillance without being overloaded by video.