November Meeting: Andrew Rasiej!! Wed Nov 30th at 7:15 PM

This Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 at 7:15pm
568 Broadway at Prince St, NE corner
Suite 404
New York, NY 10012
(Please note:’s offices are still under construction — we apologize in advance for our appearance. Also, everybody will need to sign-in in the lobby.)


  1. General update on projects by Board members
  2. Andrew Rasiej: The Future of Public Wifi — As a recent candidate for NYC Public Advocate office, Andrew made free public wifi a central theme of his “Connecting NYC” campaign. He will discuss the obstacles and opportunities for public access to wireless infrastructure — followed by an extended Q&A session.
  3. Workshop breakout sessions: small group discussions from novice to advanced questions

More about Andrew Rasiej

Although he didn’t win, Andrew Rasiej’s campaign was successful in bringing tremendous attention to the issue of public wireless infrastructure, including this glowing column by Tom Friedman in the NY Times.

Andrew Rasiej (pronounced rah-SHAY) is a community activist and successful business leader who has spent much of his life connecting people, turning ideas into action, solving problems, and making change. In other words, he has long been an advocate for New York and New Yorkers.

Andrew Rasiej’s bio