NYCwireless Network Neutrality Broadband Challenge

In light of SBC CEO Edward Whitacre’s comments about charging websites a fee for providing services to SBC broadband customers, NYCwireless is launching the NYCwireless Network Neutrality Broadband Challenge.

NYCwireless is challenging every company that provides broadband services in NYC to make a public statement supporting the 4 Network Neutrality principles outlined below. We will keep a scorecard on the NYCwireless website showing which companies have shown a commitment to free trade and open access by embracing these principles.

Broadband Challenge
Broadband Challenge Scorecard

Every provider should include a web page with their public statement on their own websites. We suggest that the URL to find a provider’s stance on Network Neutrality be made available to the Internet community via the URL http://YourISPWebsite/neutral.html.