NYCwireless September Meeting at NYU (RSVP required!)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 at 7:30pm sharp
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
721 Broadway (at Waverly Place) Room 406

A special meeting: Everyone is invited but space is limited
RSVP required for building admission
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  1. Wireless to the rescue: Restoring communications in Katrina’s aftermath – Report By Dustin Goodwin and Terry Schmidt
  2. Controlling Interference: Cognio introduces their spectrum analyzer, a tool to manage growing RF interference problems

Terry Schmidt and Dustin Goodwin have just returned from providing wireless communications networks in the areas devastated by Katrina.

IP network, unlicensed wireless, and VOIP are incredibly flexible technology that can be used to deploy data and voice communication in ways not possible with traditional technology. Nowhere is this more apparent then in disaster zone where police, fire, and storm victims are cut off from the rest of the world. Learn how a Naval Post Graduate School, Cisco, Tachyon and Redline alliance along with a healthy does of motivated volunteers connected three Mississippi towns at ground Zero of Hurricane Katrina back into the communications grid in only a few days.

Terry and Dustin will present their first hand accounts, including photos, as well as the technologies used and why.

Terry Schmidt is a co-founder, board member, and former President of NYCwireless. Dustin Goodwin also serves on NYCw Board of Directors, and has led NYCwireless campaign to provide free wireless access to Community Access Houses in Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn. Terry and Dustin both work for Cisco.

Cognio will explain how to use their laptop spectrum analyzer to troubleshoot everyday RF problems. Spectrum Analyzers have the ability to view all RF activity not just 802.11. Cordless phone shutting down your Wifi network? You’ll never be able to figure out unless it’s your phone or you have a tool like Cognio’s. Great for people looking to learn more about diagnostic tools used to troubleshoot wireless network problems.

Special thanks to NYU ITP for their graciously hosting this month’s NYCwireless meeting. Thanks to Red Burns, George Agudow and Nancy Lewis.