NYCwireless July Meeting – Everyone is Invited!

When: Wed. July 27th, 2005 at 7:15 PM
Where:, 459 Broadway at Grand St., 2nd Floor.


Short general meeting to discuss whatever wireless issues members would like to discuss. If you are interested in talking about specific topics, please email us.

Congratulations to NYCwireless for Creating the Best Hotspot in New York City

The Wall Street Journal on July 19 featured an article titled “Testing Out Wi-Fi Hot Spots”, in which Annelena Lobb puts a number of hotspot providers in New York City to the test. While she mostly had success with all of the hotspots she tried out, one in particular stood out:

But a number of our Wi-Fi experiences were pleasant. In the city’s Bryant Park, which has free Wi-Fi, the service worked seamlessly.

While NYCwireless no longer runs the Bryant Park hotspot, we sure did build it, and it still operates as flawlessly and with the same equipment as it did 3 years ago when we lit up Bryant Park.

This is a great testament to the knowledge and value of Community Wireless Networks in general, and NYCwireless in particular!

Third Annual Defcon Wi-Fi Shootout Contest

Once again, wifi enthusiasts from around the globe will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 29-31, 2005, to pit their geeky skills against one another in the 3rd Annual Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest.

With last year’s contest winners establishing a new world’s record (certified by the Guinness Book of World Records), this year’s contest is sure to once again shatter all preconceived notions as to how far a wifi signal can travel!

The goal of the contest is simple: to achieve the greatest possible connect distance between two 802.11b/g stations through innovative engineering and antenna design. Held in conjunction with the annual Defcon conference, teams will be drawn from the pool of approximately 5000 Defcon attendees to see whose wifi reigns supreme! Spectacular prizes and fun are available to all who participate.

For more information, and to view the results of last year’s contest, please visit

For more information about Defcon, please visit

Contest staff are also, for a limited time, seeking additional contest sponsors. Simply do a Google search for “Defcon Wifi Shootout” to see the coverage this event has received in the past!

Announced by Dave Moore and the Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest Staff

FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Summary Information

NYCwireless, along with a number of other public interest organizations, is part of the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee. If you are interested in following the work that we do, the meetings are open to the public and are also broadcast online.

The Benton Foundation, an organization that NYCwireless works with on the Committee, is posting regular updates on the meetings, which you can use to get summaries of what is happening: