NYCwireless Monthly Meeting – Wed. May 25th 7:15 PM

NYCwireless Meetings have something for everybody, whether you’re a novice or a wireless industry technologist. NYCw meetings feature a cutting-edge technology presentation that will expand your knowledge, followed by breakout sessions where beginners can learn the basics. Need a question answered? You’ll probably find the answer at the NYCwireless monthly meeting.

Meeting is free and located at, 459 Broadway in Manhattan. Details below.

The May Meeting is on Wed, May 25th at 7:15pm.
Free wireless internet is provided, of course.
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 25th @ 7:15pm

Meeting Cost: Free!

Agenda (times are approximate):
7:15 Intro to NYCw & Announcements
7:30 Presentation: HDTV via wifi!
8:45 Mixing – break-out groups by topic, and informal schmoozing

Presentation: “The history of bringing HDTV to an Access Point” by Brian Walden.
Brian, a longtime NYCwireless member, is an excellent speaker. His presentation will cover:

  • how we went from UHV to HDTV to 802.11g
  • why 802.11g should be able to handle a lot traffic
  • why the new HDTV standard is the future but isn’t backward compatible to RV owners (no HDTV for RVers),
  • and much more.

Following presentation:

  • Hands-on Breakout Sessions – divide into various focus groups: (e.g. Intro to Beginners, Antennas and Access Points, Volunteerism, Soekris Development, Network Security)
  • Other miscellaneous updates.
  • SIG Updates

Meeting Location:, 459 Broadway, 2nd Floor.
About 2 blocks north of Canal, near the SW corner of Grand St. On the west side of the street, then up one flight of stairs. Via subway (Canal Street stop): the J,M,N,Q,R,W,Z, and a bit further, but still on Canal is A,C,E,1,6,9.