Minutes from the March 9 NYCwireless Board Meeting

In the interest of more operational transparency, we will begin posting more information about NYCwireless management actions. We are starting by posting minutes from our monthly Board of Directors meeting.

  • Received status update on wireless deployment projects from Dana and Ben
  • Reviewed ideas for NYCwireless 2005 projects generated by March 2nd Brainstorming meeting with selected NYCwireless members, including:
    • creation of training program and/or workshops for member learning
    • creation of a wireless certification program that could be available to members
    • an improved hotspot map, either by building internally or partnering with another organization
    • holding an annual node census event that would target certain areas of the city in order to understand evolving hotspot availability over time, and allow more contact with local communities
    • creating more transparency in the operations and management of NYCwireless business for members
  • Discussed the creation of Special Interest Group and Leader requirements, including:
    • Holding meeting at least quarterly
    • Informing general membership and Board of SIG activities and progress through regular published reports
    • Bi-annual SIG Leader meetings with Board in order to establish SIG goals and allow SIG Leaders to provide Board with input and discussion
  • Discussed establishing new Special Interest Groups: Emergency Communications, Policy
  • Reviewed general NYCwireless practices, which will now include:
    • a 5 minute update on Board activities at the start of every NYCwireless general meeting
    • publishing Board meeting minutes on an area of our website
  • Discussed reaching out to related non-profit organizations in order to provide wireless technology assistance and partnership on projects