Monthly Meeting Wed March 30 – A complete & embeddable Captive Portal Solution


Wednesday, March 30th @ 7:15pm
Meeting is free and open to the public


7:00 Networking
7:15 Introduction to NYCwireless and Speakers
7:30 Main Presentation: Presentation on IleSansFil’s hotspot program and the Open-Source project WifiDog. Speakers: Benoit Grégoire, Michael Lenczner, and Michelle Kasprzak of IleSansFil
8:45 Discussion and Breakout Sessions

Meeting Location
459 Broadway, 2nd Floor.
About 2 blocks north of Canal, near the corner of Grand St. On the west side of the street, then up one flight of stairs. Via subway (Canal Street stop): the J,M,N,Q,R,W,Z, and a bit further, but still on Canal is A,C,E,1,6,9.

Presentation on IleSansFil’s hotspot program and the Open-Source project WifiDog

Ile Sans Fil’s hotspot project is the deployment of numerous free Internet hotspots in public spaces (cafes, parks, community centers, libraries, etc.). This infrastructure allow us to disseminate local content (eg. arts, community news, local events). Future activities will involve the development of tools allowing citizens to create both temporary and permanent communities in public spaces. A key to our hotspot program is that free Internet access is only the first step.

The presentation will include 3 speakers:

  1. Benoit Grégoire is the technical lead for IleSansFil. He will present WifiDog -a complete and embeddable captive portal solution (open-source, GPL) for wireless community groups which encourages local content and community applications.
  2. Michael Lenczner is one of the founders of IleSansFil. He will talk about how and why the hotspots will privilege local community (use of wireless networks to enhance Third Places) as well as IISF’s future plans to use profiles, IM, and news syndication across groups of hotspots (grouped by physical geography or by interest).
  3. Michelle Kasprzak is the Art Director for ISF. She will present on current and future projects using WifiDog to distribute/promote site-specific art and local artists.

About ISF

Île Sans Fil is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of a free communication infrastructure to strengthen local communities in the greater Montreal region. Île Sans Fil is both a technical development project and a grass roots community group, involving professionals and students from diverse fields. The vision of the group is to use wireless technology to both empower individuals and foster a sense of community.

A handicap accessible entrance is available if you send an e-mail letting us know ahead of time. If you have ideas for future speakers, please let us know.