Minutes from the March 9 NYCwireless Board Meeting

In the interest of more operational transparency, we will begin posting more information about NYCwireless management actions. We are starting by posting minutes from our monthly Board of Directors meeting.

  • Received status update on wireless deployment projects from Dana and Ben
  • Reviewed ideas for NYCwireless 2005 projects generated by March 2nd Brainstorming meeting with selected NYCwireless members, including:
    • creation of training program and/or workshops for member learning
    • creation of a wireless certification program that could be available to members
    • an improved hotspot map, either by building internally or partnering with another organization
    • holding an annual node census event that would target certain areas of the city in order to understand evolving hotspot availability over time, and allow more contact with local communities
    • creating more transparency in the operations and management of NYCwireless business for members
  • Discussed the creation of Special Interest Group and Leader requirements, including:
    • Holding meeting at least quarterly
    • Informing general membership and Board of SIG activities and progress through regular published reports
    • Bi-annual SIG Leader meetings with Board in order to establish SIG goals and allow SIG Leaders to provide Board with input and discussion
  • Discussed establishing new Special Interest Groups: Emergency Communications, Policy
  • Reviewed general NYCwireless practices, which will now include:
    • a 5 minute update on Board activities at the start of every NYCwireless general meeting
    • publishing Board meeting minutes on an area of our website
  • Discussed reaching out to related non-profit organizations in order to provide wireless technology assistance and partnership on projects

FCC Rules on 3650mhz band

NYCwireless firmly believe in spectrum reform that allows fully licensed exempt operation. We have tremendous respect for Harold’s position on this issue and agree with his conclusion that we need to be open to different approaches for different users. The Wireless ISP community was pushing hard to get access to this band for high powered rural usage and it appears what they got was a “license-lite” solution.

Monthly Meeting Wed March 30 – A complete & embeddable Captive Portal Solution


Wednesday, March 30th @ 7:15pm
Meeting is free and open to the public


7:00 Networking
7:15 Introduction to NYCwireless and Speakers
7:30 Main Presentation: Presentation on IleSansFil’s hotspot program and the Open-Source project WifiDog. Speakers: Benoit Grégoire, Michael Lenczner, and Michelle Kasprzak of IleSansFil
8:45 Discussion and Breakout Sessions

Meeting Location

459 Broadway, 2nd Floor.
About 2 blocks north of Canal, near the corner of Grand St. On the west side of the street, then up one flight of stairs. Via subway (Canal Street stop): the J,M,N,Q,R,W,Z, and a bit further, but still on Canal is A,C,E,1,6,9.
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Wi-Fi and the Digital Divide

The Digital Divide is a topic for great discussion for the past decade or two, since computers and information systems have permeated our society and culture. Many people have proposed solutions, and many have helped address some of the Divide’s many components. It is spoken about often, and has been categorized and explained from many angles. Fundamentally, it refers to the chasm that exists in our society between the have’s and the have-not’s, and about the inability for the have-not’s to join the ranks of the have’s. It is, in part, a problem of economics.

So how does Wi-Fi fit in?

The Digital Divide, in part, can be solved by proper application of technology. Indeed, technology is the silver bullet for the Digital Divide that has been trumpeted by politicians and corporations alike. But in reality, it is more about the use of technology, and not the acquisition of it. This point is often confused by many who talk about the bridge that it can help form. Technology must be both affordable, to address economic problem, as well as assistive in its use in helping people better themselves.

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TriCityBroadband Disputes Municipal Network Failures

In response to much of the anti-municipal network reports and statements that are being promoted by Telcos and Research Agencies, TriCityBroadband has created a web page with information that counters the assertions that muni-networks are wasteful.

Call for Submissions: S19.Afflatus.Project

S19.Afflatus Project is an online gallery dedicated to promoting visual and interactive art in mobile devices, such as cellphones, Pocket PC, Palm and convergence devices. We hope to explore art, design, interactivity, ergonomics, technology and experimentation with mobile devices and the audience.

If you are a artist creating art for mobile deivces, such as cell phones, PDAs, or convergence devices, please feel free to stop by http://www.s19.com or http://www.rhizome.org for more information.

Allied Media Conference, June 17-19, 2005 in Bowling Green, Ohio

The Allied Media Conference is one of the largest gatherings of alternative media in the country and a great chance to make new connections. Everyone from zinesters to podcasters–including community wireless advocates–will be there: June 17-19, 2005, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

NYCwireless will be there, and will be talking about how Community Wireless can help alternative media producers.